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hijackers hosni and -- would follow their spiritual keeper. >> not michigan, not louisiana,not new orleans, they would end up in falls church, virginia, right next to a mosque that the imam is anwar al awlaki. >> al awlaki begin asked people who are his followers to help these guys out with id's driving them around. finding apartments. >> another secret of 9/11 is this man 28-year-old jordanian. he ran illegal driver's license schemes in new jersey, connecticut and virginia and had apartments in all three states. >> an investigation came from a lead from our virginia office asking us to run down and locate an individual by connected to automobile vehicle license address similar to the hijacker. >> this is where we are coming up to where mohammed atta's was found near the dunkin' donuts. >> 13 of the 15 came through new jersey at some point. >> bob let the investigation team in patterson, new jersey. he talked about the 9/11 case for the first time. >> he found out we were looking for him. there is no doubt. when he got tipped off he was in connecticut at the time. he walked into the connec
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)

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